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Team Sendai Top

Project plan

Our project is divided large three parts, Selector, Gate and Liposome.
So we'll do each experiments abreast and finally we'll mix.


Gate should be able to transport the target with selector inside gate and go through cell membrane.
To transport the target with selector, we decided to make hexagonal tube as gate.
The reasons we adopted hexagonal tube as gate are that surfaces of hexagonal tube are suitable for being attached selector,
high strength of honeycomb structure are easy to be observed. To go through cell membrane, we placed the staple attached lipid on center of gate.
We expect gate is introduced liposome simultaneously with creation of liposome.
In addition, we attached edge of the gate to adenine staple like a "mustache" to make easy watching by AFM and interrupt other DNA approaching.
We think because of our selector 1 is enough long, only target is transported into the gate.
Experiment page


Single stranded DNA can bind not only to DNA, also to various biomolecules like RNA and proteins. By changing Selector DNA sequences in the gate, we’ll capture biomolecules just as we want to.
In the future, we expect to make the molecular robot which can transport the object to inside the cell and collect the object from the cell using Cell-gate.
And now we use liposome as a model of the cell.
We think that by using liposome not only as a model of the cell but a bag to put something into,
we can make organelles to collect unnecessary object and release medicine.

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