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What's Biomolecular Rocket?

    We propose an extremely high-speed, controllable and rail-free biomolecular rocket. Our rocket moves faster than a natural high-speed molecular motor, kinesin, by taking advantage of catalytic O2 production that progresses anywhere in a dilute H2O2 solution. For increasing the emission of O2 bubbles from the rocket, we conjugated numerous catalytic engines to a micrometer-sized rocket body with the use of DNA. In addition, direction of the rail-free movement of our rocket can be controlled, since we designed the photoresponsive DNA for allowing detachment of the engines from the body upon the UV light irradiation in a region-specific manner.
    The present study embodies the concept to utilize and control non-biological reactions by designing biomolecules for achieving novel functions implemented by synthetic molecular systems. We believe that our biomolecular rocket is a step toward advanced molecular robots that can move on long and rugged fields such as the inside of human body.
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