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0.4. Catalyst attachment with DNA hybridization

    We attached the catalyst to our Biomolecular Rocket body with DNA hybridization. cDNA had adhered to the corresponding parts of the Biomolecular Rocket body, so it enabled to attach catalyst engines in that we designed these DNA which were thermodynamically stable when they hybridized.

    First, we prepared DNA-conjugated 10 μm sized polystyrene beads which were deposited 1/4 Au and 1/2 Cr. At the same time we prepared DNA-conjugated 0.15-0.40 μm sized platinum particles. Then, mixed these materials in 3×SSC buffer at 90 °C, and cooled to room temperature slowly over time. Namely, annealing DNA by raising temperature at the first time, next make it easy to hybridize each other by downing to room temperature.

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