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We want to create a new channel made of DNA!

We want to create a channel that does not exist in nature. DNA is a designable molecule and has interaction with various biomolecules. Thus, a channel made of DNA enables to transport more various biomolecules against energy gradient. Such a new channel will be used…
1. In medical care, because it can transport new molecules that are unable to be transported into cells without DNA.
2. For sampling what we want from cells.
3. For BIOROOMBA by compositing with artificial liposome.( Off course use for DDS)

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 All the creatures on Earth are made of cells. The exterior and the interior of the cell are compartmentalized by biomembranes. A nanodevice that is able to actively transport only the specific oligonucleotide through the biomembrane has a great potential to deliver siRNA into the cell or to extract mRNA expressed in the cell.
Here, we decided to create a novel device with such a function.
We have designed a cylindrical injector/extractor device made of DNA origami. Inside the cylinder, a cascade of single stranded DNAs is planted. Once the outer-most ssDNA binds to a target oligonucleotide, the target is passed to the inner-ones one by one because of the higher bonding energy assigned to the inner ones.
We also investigate how the cylinder penetrates the biomembrane by using liposome as a model membrane.

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