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* Kenta Miyauchi
* Kenta Miyauchi
* Tomoki Okubo
* Tomoki Ohkubo

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The University of Tokyo



Our project was achieved with a lot of help and support by the following people and groups.


We thank Ibuki Kawamata for mentoring our team since the very beginning of this long project.

  • Ibuki Kawamata


We had our ideas reviewed by Professor Hagiya and Fujii for many times through this project. And furthermore, all our experiments could not be without the professors. We would like to thank two of the professors so much.

  • Masami Hagiya
  • Teruo Fujii


  • Funding from MEXT of Japan on Molecular Robotics

  • The University of Tokyo / Division of International Affairs

  • molbot | Molecular Robotics Research Group

Special Thanks

We also thank two persons Mr.Miyauchi and Mr.Okubo. Mr.Miyauchi helped us a lot in making YouTube Video. This excellent video would not be completed without his great efforts. Mr.Okubo worked together with us on creating the design of our mascot character and animations put in this wiki.

  • Kenta Miyauchi
  • Tomoki Ohkubo

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