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The University of Tokyo


Variety of Target Substances

We made DNA Shell like below (Fig.1), and additional DNA that specifically binds to a certain substance can be constructed on the Shell. By changing the arrangement of the DNA, you can capture whatever substance you like. As example, we experimented with biotin and streptavidin (Fig.2).

We thought of capturing ATP (Fig.3) or thrombin. We could not experiment because of the shortage of time, but we made arrangements of the DNA that bind to ATP or thrombin. Thrombin solidifies the blood, so the Shell that specifically binds to thrombin can prevent a blood clot. Like these, you can change the arrangement of the DNA on the Shell, and capture many kinds of substances. It makes DNA Shell a more useful device.


DNA Shell with Functionality

By putting DNA Shell and an enzyme together, you can use the Shell as a more functional device. As example, we experimented with tetramethylbenzidine(TMB), horseradish peroxidase(HRP), and trypsin. Like that experiment, by capturing the substrate, you can use the Shell as an inhibitor for enzyme (Fig.4).


Shell with the DNA Hybridization Circuits

To get more advanced DNA Shell with a logical circuit, you can make the toehold medicated strand displacement reaction device on the Shell. In the strand displacement reaction, when a DNA is input, another DNA is released. If you design two or more these structures, the Shell works like OR gate (Fig.5).


A Device more than Shell and Enzyme

When you combine the features of the above 1. ~3., you can get the more advanced DNA Shell. For example, in the case of using the Shell with the logical circuit, the Shell captures a substrate only when all the four kinds of input DNA are exist.

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