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Interactive image of the designs. Click on the different elements to learn more.


Our team, Nano Creators, have developed a DNA origami based nano drug that is designed to induce apoptosis in metastasizing cancer cells. Two origamis, a double-layered plate and a single-layered hemisphere, are connected through peptides containing a cleavage site for matrix metalloprotease 2, which is overexpressed by some actively metastasizing cancer cells. Thus, the structure will be opened within close proximity of the target cells and reveal its content. Two approaches have been developed. One with cholesterol conjugated to the plate enabling attachment to the cell membrane and facilitating the induction of apoptosis by photosensitizers, which produce singlet oxygen when irradiated by UV light. Another with cell penetrating peptides (CPPs) conjugated to small internally segmented interfering RNAs (sisiRNAs) linked to the plate through the cleavable peptide. Upon cleavage, the CPPs will transport the sisiRNAs into the cell where it induces apoptosis by selective gene knockdown through RNAi.

SITEMAP | BIOMOD 2013 NANO CREATORS | Aarhus University

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