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Boston University

BIOMOD 2013 Design Competition



Prakash Iyer


My name is Prakash Iyer and I'm a rising senior at Boston University, pursuing a Dual-Degree in Biomedical Engineering and Neuroscience. My primary research interests lie in the intersection between biomedical engineering and neuroscience where I would like to work towards designing drug delivery systems within the brain, much like we aim to do in our project. After graduation in 2014 I plan to look for a job in the industry and will possibly pursue a graduate degree few years down the line.

On a more personal level, I'm a big TV show buff and am willing to watch almost anything. I also enjoy playing and watching all sports, primarily basketball and tennis, and I've been known to put the "fan" in "fanatic" when it comes to the Boston Celtics.

Xintong Man


Sangeeta Satish

My name is Sangeeta Satish and I'm a rising sophmore studying Biomedical Engineering. My primary research interests lie in antibiotic resistance. However, this summer learning about drug delivery systems has given me an entirely new perspective on antibiotic resistance and the intersection of the two. Some other equally important things I’ve been working on this summer is catching up on all the TV shows I possibly can and getting over my mild bathmophobia.

Harvin Vallabhaneni


My name is Harvin Vallabhaneni. I'm a rising senior studying Biomedical Engineering at Boston University. Highly relevant facts: I'm a moderate germophobe (although I prefer the term germ-conscious) and I am also a pen aficionado.

I hope to go to graduate school after my senior year and eventually work in technology development of biology research. A summer of BIOMOD has taught me more about lab techniques and research than any class at BU has: I'm thankful for the opportunity.
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