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Team Advisor

Professor J. Rubén Morones Ramírez

Academic Interests: Fields of Nanotechonlogy, Systems and Synthetic Biology in the design of therapeutics, materials and clean energy.


Students Chemical Engineering

Susana Alejandrina Montalvo

Academic Interests: Develop abilities in innovation and optimization of chemical processes and equipment.

Hobbies: Read, do exercise, solve puzzles, painting, shopping and create manual arts


Priscila Berenice Méndez Osoria

Academic Interests: Understanding and application of engineering concepts to real processes.

Hobbies: Playing Sudoku and other logic games, reading


Rubén García Puente

Academic Interests: Application of chemical engineering in chemical processes and optimal equipment design.

Hobbies: Read, watch Movies, Play logic games and investigate.



Adrián Palacios Muñoz

Academic Interests: Biophysics, and Computational Simulations.

Hobbies: Tango, Physics Problems, and Anime.



Mario Tadeo Treviño González

Academic Interests: Marriage of smart metamaterials and synthetic biology

Hobbies: Swimming, drinking Stouts in the pub, and street workout.


Amaury Ovalle Maqueo

Academic Interests: Understanding biomolecules structures, function and interactions

Hobbies: Playing Squash and League of Legends, cooking and going to the theater


José Ramón Bárcenas Walls

Academic interests: Studying and applying genomic sciences in health like medical genomics, molecular medicine, virology and specially in cancer epigenomics.

Hobbies: Reading digital books and to take my dog for a walk. I also play table tennis and squash.


José Ricardo Aguilar Cosme

Academic interests: Nanomaterials integration for novel applications in biological systems

Hobbies: Playing League of Legends, listening to music, trying to find good books on the internet, sleeping



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