私達のプロジェクトはトリガー入力による連鎖的分子放出システムの構築を目指している。 既存のDDSでは薬剤放出のタイミングの制御が困難な事、一度の入力に対して一定の出力しか得られない事が課題である。
Our project aims at the construction of chain of molecules-releasing system by the trigger DNA input. They are problems in previous DDS(Drag Delivery System) that the control of timing releases trigger is difficult and only constant output can get from one time input.
So, we created 2 systems to overcome these problems. The one is that releases trigger DNA on a certain condition. The other one is that increasing output by chain reaction of destroying liposome which starts from release of trigger.
At the first system, we make alginate hydrogel membrane including trigger, then voluntary dissolution of hydrogel and release of trigger happens by increasing temperature. At the second system, we destroy liposome by hybridizing trigger DNA to the surface of liposome. The liposome which is destroyed by trigger includes new trigger DNA so released trigger destroys neighboring liposome as chain reaction.
By creating these systems, it is expectable that creation of DDS which can control the timing of input and get a lot of output with one time input as application.