The advantage of our system is that large quantity of substances can be released at the desired timing and place.
Utilizing our system, we can note the effective treatment for cancer. Controlling the timing and place would prevent the side effects by anti-cancer agent, and releasing large amount of drug by a small quantity of triggers offers the effective treatment for cancer.

Moreover, focusing on the chain reaction, our system can be applied to long-lasting batteries for molecular engines. If some fuel for molecular engines (such as ATP) is packed inside the liposome, and the liposome is combined with some molecular motors (such as motor proteins), the fuel can be constantly supplied to the molecular motor by only one time initiation of the reaction.
The molecular motor would lead to molecular engines, and in the end, sophisticated molecular robots. Our system would make it possible to achieve molecular robots moving without continuous fuel supply from the outside.

Fig1.Attack to a cancer cell

Fig2.Molecular engine