Lipo-Hanabi is able to release a lot of molecules anytime and anywhere. Such versatility is essential in potential applications as follows.

Example 1 Sensing and curing inflammations in blood vessels

Inflammation in blood vessels is a typical symptom difficult to diagnose. Therefore, they could get worse while you don’t even notice it.
The only way to detect blood vessel inflammation is to do a constant physical checkup. Lipo-Hanabi enables us to detect inflammations easily and gives us enough time to cure them.
Specific design will be as follows. C-reactive protein (CRP) is released in the inflammation. So we can use Liposomes conjugated with phosphorylcholine (one of phosphatides react with CRP) as the 1st stage detector for Lipo-Hanabi system. Then the 2nd stage liposomes release medicine at inflammation area effectively.
Applications of Lipo-Hanabi are not limited to inflammations. As it can sense even very faint trigger signal and releases large amount of drugs, it would help us to detect cancer cells in early stage while they are curable with small amount of anti-cancer agents.

Fig.1 Sensing and curing inflammations in blood vessels

Example 2 molecular fuel supply

Focusing on the chain-reaction, Lipo-Hanabi can be applied to long-lasting batteries for molecular engines. If fuel for the molecular engines (such as ATP) is packed inside the liposome, they can constantly supply fuels to the molecular motor by a specific external signal. This kind of fuel supply system will be very useful to realize self-sustained molecular robots in the future.

Fig. 2 Molecular fuel supply system