Project Goal

Our project goal is construction of the egg-type initiator and the chain-reactive burst by triggers that destroys liposomes released from the egg-type initiator.
1.Construction of the egg-type initiator
This is the structure of alginate hydrogel including liposomes that have triggers inside.
When liposomes sense external stimulations by rising temperature, EGTA in liposomes are released and diffuse the trigger. At last manytriggers are released to buffer. To achieve this structure, follow experiments are needed.
(1) Construction of liposomes destroyed by sensing external stimulations.
(2) Construction of alginate hydrogel including buffer and many liposomes.
(3) Diffusion of the alginate hydrogel by EGTA included destroyed liposomes.

2.Construction of the chain-reactive burst system
This is the system of destroying other liposomes continuously by triggers included destroyed liposomes. To destroy liposomes continuously, each liposome includes many kinds of triggers. And these triggers cause the chain reaction what we call “the chain-reactive burst.”
To achieve this system, follow experiments are needed.
(1) Design and construction of trigger that destroy liposomes.
(2) Destroying liposomes continuously by triggers that are released from other destroyed liposomes.


Recently genomics and proteomics have well studied, and new drugs such as siRNA are created. Delivery technology to the living body is important to cure illness. So DDS is the effective approach. Liposome and polymers are used for DDS and these are expected to increase the effectiveness of drugs.


It is not good to release a large quantity of drugs in DDS, so we have to control it. To solve this problem, we build two systems. First the system that release trigger to destroy liposome on a certain condition. Second the system that release drugs exponentially by liposome being destroyed like a chain reaction by trigger.


To destroy liposomes those are playing a role of transporter of drugs and DNA structure (ex. trigger). When liposomes are destroyed, contents of liposomes are released. If the DNA structure is the same as trigger that destroys liposomes, then the DNA structure released newly destroys other liposomes. In this way, contents of liposome are released one after another.