Background and Motivation

Living things have many different systems of signal transduction. We are interested in mechanisms for the systems. If we could create a similar system to them, it would be amazing. Particularly, we paid attention to a system of amplifying signals. This system seems to be relatively simple and we can apply it to a variety of fields. Therefore, we tried to create the system that could amplify even weak signals by molecular design.

Project Goal

Our project is like the following. First of all, there are a lot of containers as small as weak signals. Every container contains keys. One of the containers, an initiator, detects a weak signal and opens. The keys released from the initiator open neighborhood containers. A reaction triggers other reactions over and over. This chain-reaction can amplify weak signals. In addition, if we put payloads into each container with keys, we can also carry something like medicines. By using a stimulus, we can control when to release payloads.