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<br />Copyright 2013 © Tianjin University Biomod Team</p>

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Self-assembly Track

T1-T4、The polymerization reaction

The Delivery device

The Delivery device

If we attach the trigger to a origami box, in which the DNA walker was settled, we can just construct a delivery device which could be easily used in lots of conditions, as long as there are our DNA track monomer T1 to T4. What’s more, we can make the whole device being induced by some specific molecule, such as ATP. We can make the trigger a stem-loop structure, which won’t cause the DNA track monomers to polymerize. But when the ATP exists, the trigger DNA will change its structure, and the polymer track will form along the trigger. We can also design a terminator for this track. So when the track gets long enough to reach the terminator, it will stop the reaction, so that a track for the DNA walker will form.

We can also design a walker that could walk along the track. We designed a quadruped walker for this track. Because this track is not critically liner, it’s kind of like the shape of “W”, which making space for 2 two-foot walkers to walk along. So, we just design a quadruped one. We also optimize the distance between 2 corners, we want the track to be a flat one, which will make the walker more easily to contact to it. So we just optimized the distance as 21base pairs.

Now, this device could be totally self-assembly. It’s compactable to the real transport happened in the human body.

But we want to renounce that our track could be design for several kinds of walkers, not only the one with DNAzyme, we just want this track could be easily characterized. What’s more, we could choose the DNAzyme that can perform a cleavage on RNA, but for making the experiment economical, we chose the DNA one which has a triple helix domain.

Figure 2.3.1 Polymer
Figure 2.3.2 Polymer
Figure 2.3.3 Terminator
Figure 2.3.4 Walker 1
Figure 2.3.5 Walker 2
Figure 2.3.6 Walker walk with 2 foot

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