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 Oligomeric Cell Killer

Team Todai nanORFEVRE tried to make cancer-specific pore-forming DNA origami drug.

We named this DNA nanostructure "Oligomeric Cell Killer".


Cancer is one of the most common diseases in the world, causing about 13 percent of the all human deaths worldwide (WHO 2007). Chemotherapy is a popular medical treatments for the cancer, however, it often attacks normal cells in addition to the cancer cells, leading severe side effects. Recently the drug delivery system (DDS) has been developed to improve cancer-specificity, but it isn't easy to optimize delivery system for each drug.

Here, we propose a “drug delivery system (DDS) free" anti-cancer drug: cancer-specific pore-forming DNA origami drug. Inspired by a toxin produced by an animal and a mechanism existing in the human immune system, we designed DNA origami subunit, which coordinately kills a cell. The process of killing is as follows. 1) Subunits stick in the cell membrane with cholesterol site. 2) Then they oligomerize so that they form a pore on the membrane. 3) This pore disrupts the phospholipid bilayer of the cells, inducing cell lysis and death of the cancer cell. Furthermore, recent advancement of DNA nanotechnology, allowing our DNA drug to compute in in situ, may improve the cancer-specificity.

Our general idea can be divided into two steps, cancer-recognition and killing. Since DNA computing circuit for recognition has already reported, we set our summer goal of the biomod 2013 to develop pore-forming DNA origami for the killing system.

In Japan meeting for biomod 2013, we will report the interaction between DNA nanostructures and cell membrane and several methods for oligomerizing.

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