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=Microfluidic Devices for Quantitative Biology=
==Microfluidic Devices for Quantitative Biology==
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Microfluidic Devices for Quantitative Biology

Patch-clamp Array Single Cell Electroporation Array Cell Culture Array
Electrochemical Cell Lysis Mechanical Cell Lysis Fast Solution Exchange Microfluidic Device
Cell-cell Communication Device Large-Scale Single Cell Analysis Chip

Biomolecular Imaging

  • Nanocrescent SERS Probes
  • Nanogap Biomolecular Junction

Biologically-inspired Devices

Previous and Completed Work

  • Microscale Confocal Imaging Array
  • Microarrays of Total Internal Reflection Fluorescent Microscopy
  • Electrothermally Activated SU-8 Microgripper for Single Cell Manipulation
  • Nanomechanical force gauge
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