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Blast_link is an add-on for Wwwblast that allows arbitrary links to be added to the results page for each hit. A common use case is to implement the link such that the entire hit sequences can be extracted, where the default install of www-blast does not permit this.



Blast_link requires Perl. The default version that gets the sequences also requires the BLAST+ executable blastdbcmd to be accessible to the apache user (www-data).



The newest version of blast_link can be obtained from GitHub (less direct link). Blast_link is entirely open source program and modifications and improvements are appreciated. It is not affiliated with NCBI.

Put the extracted files in the base www-data directory (the directory that blast.html is in).

Preparation of Binary BLAST databases

If a link to entire hit sequences is the desired mode of operation, creation of the binary databases is slightly more onerous, because the sequence identifiers need to be indexed.

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