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Addressable Conjugation in Bacterial Networks

iGEM UC Berkeley

  • Our project was to create an addressable cell-to-cell communication mechanism in e. coli.



The Sortostat is a microfluidic chemostat integrated with a cell sorter. My project consists of demonstrating the sortostat's chemostat functionality, a technique rarely seen in microfluidics.

Immediate Goals

  • Debug all engineering-related problems with sortostat.
  • Demonstrate Sortostat's ability to attain chemostasis in a population of E. Coli.
  • Demonstrate Sortostat's ability to sort two phenotypically different populations of E. Coli. In this case, I will be using a mixture of E. Coli expressing CFP and YFP.
  • Demostrate Sortostat's ability to select for an arbitrary population of cells that are phenotypically different from others and maintain this population at a steady state.
  • UROP Proposal
  • Chemostat Theory
  • Sortostat/Experiments
  • Sortostat/Growth Tests

-80 stocks


  • I am currently an undergraduate researcher in the Endy Lab at MIT. I am currently building and characterizing orthogonal riboregulators. Learn more about riboregulators and the work I have done here
  • MIT Class of 2009; Majoring in Mathematics and Biological Engineering.
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