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Past Reading

SynBio @ Caltech

  • We are a journal club at Caltech, getting graduate students together to discuss synthetic biology and metabolic engineering.


  • First meeting 1/21/2011, 4pm, location TBA.

Weekly Topics

We'll start with a broad introduction to popular topics in synthetic biology, then figure out the logistics for future weeks - this will most likely involve rotating responsibility for presenting material each week.

  • Week 1: Introduction to Synthetic Biology (Emzo and Joe)
    • Synthetic biology: new engineering rules for an emerging discipline. Andrianantoandro E, Basu S, Karig DK and Weiss R. Mol Sys Bio. 2:2006.0028 [1]
    • Synthetic biology: applications come of age. Khalil AS and Collins JJ. Nature Reviews Genetics 11: 367-379 (2010) [2]
  • Week 2: Nucleotide Level Control (Emzo)
    • Construction of a genetic toggle switch in Escherichia coli. Gardner TS, Cantor CR and Collins JJ. Nature 403: 339-342 (2000). [3]
    • Synthetic gene networks that count. Friedland AE, Lu TK, Wang X, Shi D, Church G, Collins JJ. Science 324:1199-1202 (2009). [4]
  • Week 3: Oscillators & Dynamics (Emzo)
    • A Synthetic Oscillatory Network of Transcriptional Regulators. Elowitz MB, Leibler S. Nature. 403:335-8. (2000) [5]
    • A fast, robust and tunable synthetic gene oscillator. Stricker J, Cookson S, Bennett MR, Mather WH, Tsimring LS, Hasty J. Nature. 456:516-19 (2008) [6]
  • Week 4: RNA Based Regulation (Joe)
  • Week 5: Multiple Genes - Gene Network Engineering (Joe)
  • Week 6: Multiple Cells - Quorum Sensing and Cell-Cell Communication (Joe)


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