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Hazardous Chemicals in the French Lab

Chemicals in Toxics Cabinet
2-chloroethanol 50 mlvery toxic
3-chlorobenzoic acid25 girritant
4-chlorobenzoic acid50 gharmful
chloramphenicol5 gtoxic, carcinogen, mutagen, teratogen
chloroacetic acid25 gtoxic
2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid100 gtoxic, carcinogen, mutagen, teratogen
ethidium bromide0.25 gtoxic, mutagen
kanamycin sulfate5 gtoxic
mercuric thiocyanate in ethanol100 mltoxic
mercuric thiocyanate25 gvery toxic
neomycin sulfate5 girritant
nickel chloride hexahydrate100 gtoxic
nickel sulfate hexahydrate100 gharmful
potassium ferricyanide100 gharmful
pyrogallol10 gtoxic
sodium arsenate50 gtoxic, carcinogen, mutagen
sodium azide100gvery toxic
sodium dithionite (hydrosulfite)50 gharmful
Chemicals in Solvent Cabinet
ethanol2.5 lflammable; get this refilled at stores
isopropanol2.5 lflammable
methanol2.5 lflammable; get this refilled at stores
acetone1 lflammable; get this refilled at stores
acetonitrile1 lflammable; releases toxic gas in contact with acid
ethyl acetate1 lflammable
hexane1 lflammable
chloroform500 mlharmful
dimethylformamide500 mltoxic
n-propanol500 mlflammable
toluene500 mlflammable
p-xylene500 mlflammable
cyclopentanone250 mlirritant
m-xylol250 mlharmful
1-chlorobutane100 mlirritant
decane100 mlirritant
dimethylformamide100 mltoxic
m-cresol25 mltoxic
cyclohexanone25 mltoxic, corrosive
dichloroethane25 mlharmful
o-cresol5 mltoxic
p-cresol5 mltoxic
2-methylcyclopentanone5 mlflammable
n-decanal1 ml
Chemicals in Acids/Miscellaneous Cabinet
acetic acid, glacial2.5 lcorrosive, flammable
ammonium hydroxide, 29% w/v500 mlcorrosive, irritant
catechol100 gcorrosive, harmful
ferric chloride hexahydrate100 gcorrosive
hydrochloric acid, 37% w/v2.5 lcorrosive
iodine5 gharmful vapour
nitric acid, 70% w/v25 mlcorrosive, oxidizer
silver nitrate, 0.1 M solution500 mlharmful
sodium nitrite5 goxidizer
trichloroacetic acid100 gcorrosive

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