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Principal Investigator

Current Lab Members

Postdoctoral Researchers

  • Nousheen Hamid Bhat, PhD is developing new methodologies for discovery of novel ClpXP substrates.

Graduate students

  • Joanne Lau is currently identifying regions of ClpXP regulators critical for their function.
  • Keith Rood is using structural and biochemical tools to discover how regulators of ClpXP interact with their targets.
  • Robert Vass is discovering how phosphorylation affects regulators of ClpXP activity.

Undergraduate students

  • Claudine Mapa is working on understanding how protein degradation couples developmental decisions and environmental cues.
  • Amber Cantin is uncovering the molecular mechanisms of regulated degradation by ClpXP.

Previous Lab Members

  • Nathan Colon, undergraduate/technican, 2010.
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