Chromosomal DNA isolation from E. coli

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Torsten Waldminghaus 10:01, 9 December 2008 (EST)

Anyone should feel free to add themselves as a curator for this consensus protocol. You do not need to be a curator in order to contribute. The OpenWetWare community is currently discussing the idea of protocol curators. Please contribute.


This protocol describes the isolation of chromosomal DNA from E. coli cells. The DNA could be used for Southern Blots, as template for PCR or for DNA microarrays.


  • 10% SDS
  • Isopropanole
  • Ethanole
  • 3M Na-acetate


Biological resources e.g. cell lines, buffers (link to a method for making them), enzymes, chemicals, kits, etc.


Any equipment used to perform the protocol (link to a method for using them).


A step by step guide to the experimental procedure.

If you find it helpfull you could use the following icons to highlight important parts:

Image:Difficult step.png icon to highlight difficult steps

Image:Critical step.png warn about critical steps

Image:Time required.png help people plan how long steps will take

Image:Pause point.png where protocol can be interrupted

Image:Optional step.png steps that can be omitted or included

Critical steps

Referenced from the main protocol, a more thorough explanation of particularly important steps in the protocol.


Referenced from the main protocol, an explanation of what can cause things to go wrong with the protocol.


Referenced from the main protocol, any comments about the protocol should be made here; i.e. how it was developed. Any comments added should be signed (by adding *'''~~~~''': in front) and explained. Links to FAQs/tips provided by other sources such as the manufacturer or other websites would be best made here.
Anecdotal observations that might be of use to others can also be posted here; e.g. 'my cells were still floating'.

It might also be good to add an image to show the workflow and timescales for experiment planning.


Acnkowledge any help you had in development, testing, writing this protocol.


See OpenWetWare:Biblio for information on how to reference within a wiki.

Specific Protocols

Add links to all the OWW protocols that have been used in making the consensus.


You can discuss this protocol.

Tag this page with categories to allow easier indexing and searching. See Categories for information on existing categories.

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