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  $ kinit mitusername
  $ kinit mitusername
2. Obtain AFS tockens
2. Obtain AFS tokens
  $ aklog mitusername
  $ aklog mitusername

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It is now possible to access Athena lockers on shmoo or habanero (Linux machines). This means that you can simply copy (instead of sftp/scp) files to and from your Athena home directory when you are logged in to either machine. Also, you can use any Athena software which runs on Linux by attaching an appropriate locker.

Here's what you need to do to attach a locker (in this example, locker is you Athena home directory):

1. Obtain Kerberos tickets

$ kinit mitusername

2. Obtain AFS tokens

$ aklog mitusername

3. Attach you Athena home directory (here lockername = mitusername)

$ afslocker lockername

Now your Athena home directory should be accessible at /mit/lockername

See the links below for more details:

AFS at MIT: An Introduction

OpenAFS 1.2.10 for Red Hat Linux: Getting Started

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