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(References on the Illumina GA Sequencer)
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==References on the Illumina GA Sequencer==
==References on the Illumina GA Sequencer==
* Illumina support documentation []

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Illumina GA Data Management

Short read toolbox. Many of our projects use short-read data from the Illumina Genome Analyzer 1 & 2. Brian Knaus in our lab has developed a number of scripts for managing and analyzing short-read files and data.

Illumina GA DNA-Seq

DNA_Seq Prep. Our research group has developed several methods for sequencing small genomes (mitochondria, chloroplasts, BACS) in multiplex using Illumina GA2. This page provides details on DNA-Seq library construction.

Illumina GA RNA-Seq

RNA_Seq Prep. We do mRNA-sequencing using methods developed by Todd Mockler's group at Oregon State University. This page provides details on RNA-Seq library construction.

Illumina GA Hyb-Seq

Hyb_Seq Prep. Like many groups, we've developed customized approaches to enrich rare genomic targets for high-throughput sequencing. Our method for isolating chloroplast genomes by Hyb-Seq is detailed here.

Whole Genome Amplification

WGA Prep. We use phi29-based whole-genome amplification in a variety of different applications. Our standard phi29 WGA method is detailed here.

Random Lab Methods

Random Lab Methods. DNA extraction, RNA extraction, gels, and short cuts... all here

References on the Illumina GA Sequencer

  • Illumina support documentation [1]
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