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Putting together a [[DIYbio:Demo|DIYbio demo]].
Putting together a [[DIYbio:Demo|DIYbio demo]].
Open Design Pro-grade Gel Electrophoresis Box: [[DIYbio:Notebook/Open_Gel_Box_2.0|Open Gel Box 2.0]]
Open Design Pro-grade Gel Electrophoresis Box: [[DIYbio:Notebook/Open_Gel_Box_2.0|Open Gel Box 2.0]].
Suppliers for DIY equipment: [[DIYbio:Suppliers|DIYbio Suppliers]].
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DIYbio is a community of biological engineers that promotes the values of openness and responsibility and shares educational resources and techniques for do-it-yourself biological research and engineering.

See more at DIYbio:About and at


DIYbio meetups: June 2008

DIYbio meetups: May 2008

See our DIYbio blog for more meeting notes, or the calendar for upcoming events.


A few projects that we are currently working on include:

Cataloging and reviewing DIYbio kits.

Researching options for DIYbio model organisms.

Putting together a DIYbio demo.

Open Design Pro-grade Gel Electrophoresis Box: Open Gel Box 2.0.

Suppliers for DIY equipment: DIYbio Suppliers.

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