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==Request For Comments (RFC)==
==Request For Comments (RFC)==
[[DIYbio:Notebook/Open Gel Box 2.0/RFC1|RFC1 (draft)]]
[[DIYbio:Notebook/Open Gel Box 2.0/RFC1|RFC1 (draft)]], read [ BBF RFC0] for editing guidelines

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Project Description/Abstract

Gel electrophoresis is one of the most basic and commonly used tool for molecular biology. However, the gel electrophoresis apparatus available on the market often lack essential features that would make more pleasant for performing this daily routine. We aim to create a professional grade open and extensible electrophoresis gel box, available as design documents, unassembled, and assembled kits for researchers to obtain and improve upon.


Features we like from other boxes

Materials and Costs ($40)

Request For Comments (RFC)

RFC1 (draft), read BBF RFC0 for editing guidelines

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