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==Current Students==
==Current Students==
Kevin Entzminger (Biochemistry) LMU '09
[[User:Kevin C. Entzminger | Kevin Entzminger]] (Biochemistry) LMU '09
Stephanie Kuelbs (Mathematics) LMU '09
Stephanie Kuelbs (Mathematics) LMU '09

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Principal Investigator

Kam D. Dahlquist, Ph.D.

Current Students

Kevin Entzminger (Biochemistry) LMU '09

Stephanie Kuelbs (Mathematics) LMU '09

Kenny Rodriguez (Biology) LMU '09

Kara Taylor (Biology) LMU '09

Chad Villaflores (Biology) LMU '09 (Bioinformatics Laboratory Course TA)

Former Students

Wesley Citti (Biology) LMU '08

Robert Hybki (Biology) LMU '08

Elizabeth Liu (Biology) LMU '08

Olivia Sakhon (Biology) LMU '08

Jeffrey McGowan (Biology) LMU '08

Matthew Mejia (Biology) LMU '07

Nathan Wanner (Mathematics) LMU '07

Jeffrey Nicholas (Computer Science) LMU, MS '07

Heather King (Biology) LMU '06

Meredith Braymer (Biochemistry) Vassar College '04

Christen Vogel (Biology) Vassar College '04

Jessica Heckman (Biology) Vassar College '05

David Koren (Biochemistry) Vassar College, '06

David Little (Computer Science) Vassar College, '06

Philipose Mulugeta (Biochemistry) Vassar College '07

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