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Functional Genomics of Polyploidy and Hybridization

This site is meant to serve as hub for the Dilkes Polyploidy Project research at the UC Davis Genome Center. Brian Dilkes is part of part of the Comai Lab at the UC Davis Genome Center. Brian Dilkes' CV can be found in a Wiki format here at OWW.

We work on hybridization barriers and the consequences of polyploidy for fitness and fertility. We use a combination of quantitative genetics, wet-lab genomics, and old-fashioned observation of the eudicot geneticist's favorite model, Arabidopsis thaliana. The project includes the immediate consequences of interspecies and interploidy hybridization for seed development, the role of genomic divergence on the fitness of neo-allopolyploids, and the role of genomic dosage in the expression of heterosis.

This site is currently under development and (rather public) evaluation as a tool for lab organization and protocol sharing. You can navigate to subsections using the bar. We will soon update and migrate all of the content that was on the University of Washington website to this site.

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