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Notes on Construction

Yup, Beth Toener would be proud. This page is currently under construction. Check back for protocols and updates.

Submission Procedures and Internal Protocols here at the UC Davis!

  1. To get sequence from a few samples try [Davis Sequencing Center]
  2. For more than 30 samples it is more economical to use the Genomics Facility run by Doug Cook and compatriots.
    1. We do sequencing direct from PCR products via an Exo Sap treatment prior to submission
    2. CGF Submission is relatively straightforward but requires that you set up an account with them.
  3. There are off campus options including Robert Tran of the Davis Tilling Facility's favorite at Rob Tran's Favorite sequencing

Comai Lab Primer Procedures

  1. Using the primer database to find your primer
  2. Ordering primers not in the collection
  3. Adding new entries to the primer database

Comai Lab Polyploidy Procedures

  1. Fluorescent genotyping
  2. Aneuploidy detection
  3. FISH Protocol
  4. Pollen staining and viability measurements
  5. Seed phenotyping
  6. GFP and enhancer trap PCR methods
  7. GFP imaging
  8. Sample labeling for two color CGH on Arabidopsis Operon arrays (lifted from the good people at FHCRC array core)
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