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[[Gabriel Wu]] <gwu01@berkeley.edu> <br>
[[Gabriel Wu]] <gwu01@berkeley.edu> <br>
[[J.C. Oviedo]] <jc_1188@berkeley.edu> <br>
[[J.C. Oviedo]] <jc_1188@berkeley.edu> <br>
[[Susan Chen]] <susan.y.chen.24@gmail.com> <br>
'''Alumni '''<br>
'''Alumni '''<br>

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John Dueber <jdueber@berkeley.edu>
Weston Whitaker <westonwhitaker@gmail.com>
Gabriel Wu <gwu01@berkeley.edu>
J.C. Oviedo <jc_1188@berkeley.edu>
Susan Chen <susan.y.chen.24@gmail.com>

Ghulam Reza K Malmirchegini <rezak@uclink.berkeley.edu>
Melissa Lam Chong <mlchong@berkeley.edu>
Adeeti Ullal <aullal@berkeley.edu>

327 Stanley Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-1762

Congrats to Gabe, winner of "Best Poster" in Synthetic Biology 4.0 Conference in Hong Kong!

Brief research description
We have two separate projects in collaboration with the laboratories of Jay Keasling and Adam Arkin. In both, we are using modular strategies in a forward engineering effort to rewire/reprogram pathways - metabolic pathways with Jay Keasling (doi:10.1038/nbt.1557) and two-component signaling with Adam Arkin.

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