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Latest Update: Feb 2011

We're in the lab right now working on new publications.

Title Authors Published PDF Screenshot
Synthetic Biology Reviews DNA assembly for synthetic biology: from parts to pathways and beyond Ellis T, Adie T, Baldwin GS Integrative Biology, Feb 2011, Vol 3, Page 109 DOI Link PDF
Intro to synthetic biology
Synthetic Biology - by Tom Ellis Diversity-based, model-guided construction of synthetic gene networks with predicted functions Ellis T, Wang X, Collins JJ Nature Biotechnology, April 2009, Vol 27, Page 465 DOI Link PDF
Metabolic engineering
Gene regulation: hacking the network on a sugar high Ellis T, Wang X, Collins JJ Molecular Cell, 2008, Vol 30, Page 1 DOI Link PDF
Genome engineering
Synthesis and screening of regulatory component libraries for synthetic biology Ellis T Nature Protocols, 2009 Apr 23 DOI Link PDF
Imperial Interview
Previous Publications - Tom Ellis Exploiting diversity in synthesis to fast-track synthetic biology April 2009 Advances in Synthetic Biology Conference, London 2009 PDF
Conference London 2009
Developing chassis fit for purpose March 2010 Grand Challenges workshop at Imperial College London PDF
E.coli as a chassis
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