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Latest Update: April 2010

Research in the Ellis Lab focuses on advancing biotechnology through the use of synthetic biology. Projects fall into one of two categories or belong in both:

  • 1. Foundational Synthetic Biology

Developing the tools for rapid, predictable engineering of biological devices and systems.

Examples: biopart design, assembly techniques and device synthesis, part and device characterisation, standardisation, chassis systems, mathematical models, design simulations

  • 2. Applied Synthetic Biology

Using the synthetic biology approach in biotechnology applications .

Examples: combinatorial synthesis of pathways, modular design of biosensors

Current Projects

Investigating device-chassis interactions
Project Type: Foundational
Project Members: Rhys Algar
Collaborators: Guy-Bart Stan
Most gene devices demonstrated in synthetic biology have been high-expression strength regulatory networks hosted on mid-to-high copy number plasmids in E.coli. To expand

Combinatorial assembly of a regulated Lycopene production pathway in yeast
Project Type: Foundational Applied
Project Members: Tom Ellis

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