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This page is for storing information about operation of a bench-scale chemostat designed by Ben Kirkup. It is in development.



  • <photo>
  • <CAD design> (ask ben if OK)


  1. Wash out chemostat. don't lose the little glass beads.
  2. autoclave making sure that all tubes are connected.
  3. setup everything and run media through the device for a little while. this is a good time to calculate the flow rate.
  4. drop some cells in the reactor and off you go.


Normal Operation

  • Setting up the reactor for the run, avoiding contamination, etc.

Troubleshooting/Common problems

Bryan, anything here?

Temperature consistency in water bath

Masterflex tubing in the pump

avoid crushing this tubing by removing the clamp on the parastaltic pump when it is not running.



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