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==Calibration Curve==
==Calibration Curve==

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  1. Turn the knob on the power source to 100% and let the bulb warm for 5 minutes
  2. Zero the machine by turning the knob on the face of the machine until the pointer and line are aligned. (is this necessary?)
  3. Insert a blank and again zero the machine
  4. Insert samples and then turn knob until alignment, the value on the meter is the Klett reading for your sample.
  5. The power source can be left at 30% to keep bulb warm if you aren't spending much time between samples. (what's max time you should leave the sample in there?)


Max volume in 250ml Klett flasks is 40ml.

Klett flashs are located in the glassware cabinet in the main hallway outside 68-558D

Calibration Curve


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