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  1. Part 1
    • Construction of High BG-promoter RFP and Hairpin constructs(completed)
    • Characterization of Inducible GFP (spec out exps on plate reader / LH-FACS)
  2. Part 2
    • Characterization of Inducible RFP (same as inducible GFP exps)
    • High BG RFP-promoter and Hairpin experiments (completed) (Results: HighBG-promoter,Hairpin)
    • Based on results from (2) test inducible RFP (<bbpart>I13520</bbpart>) at low and high induction on MOFLO
  3. Part 3
    • Rebuild ESP if necessary based on High BG RFP/Hairpin
    • Test ESP (same as inducible GFP exps)
      • Test the flipped FP constructs, cassie's constructs, and also the other version of the ESP where we cut out ccdb and re-ligated.

Current projects


Hairpin effectiveness

Characterization of Inducible GFP

Characterization of Inducible RFP


Characterization of Empty Screening Plasmid 1.0

To ensure our screening system was operating as expected we measured the expression levels of GFP and mRFP1 when the plasmid did not contain a part (e.g. input equals output).

Glycerol Boxes

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