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Error message received relating to shaking in long time courses.

  • Error message - Plate holder moving error at measurement unit. The holder cannot move freely . The EEPROM parameters are corrupted or there is a mechanical/electronic fault is the plate holder unit. Error number 4004.
  • Service call - placed 10am 8/29/05. Confirmation number 310586013
  • Resolution - Service call returned on 8/30/05. Believes the shaker error is because of the long shake steps. Has seen a busted motor from shake steps as long as ours. Will visit on 9/2/05 to replace the belts. Service visit 9/9/05. Cleaned stuff up, took out unnecessary fitting. Found that fan wasn't working. Seems to be shaking now ok. No need to replace belts. Errors caused because the machine was exceeding the max. number of permitted shaking errors per step. Trying to change this max. number seeing as it is irrelevant if the shake step is occasionally 0.2mm too short.
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