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Eric Patridge

Eric V Patridge, Ph.D.
Sartorelli Research Group
Department of Pharmacology
Yale University School of Medicine
P.O. Box 208066
New Haven, CT 06520-8066




  • 2009: PhD (Integrative Biosciences, Chemical Biology Option) at Penn State
  • 2001: BA (Chemistry / Biology, Molecular Biology Concentration) at Skidmore College

Research Interests

Mammalian, bacterial, and archaeal cell culturesDesign of prodrugs and candidate drugsElectrochemical techniques
Clonogenics and cytotoxicity assaysActive-site design/protein chemistrySpectroscopic techniques
Bacterial clones and knockoutsProtein and DNA purificationElectron microscopy (SEM and TEM)
Sterile and anaerobic techniquesEnzyme assay developmentHPLC, NMR, GC/LC
PCR and electrophoresisCustom equipment developmentAnalytical centrifugation
Bioinformatic analysesConsulting with people outside the fieldTitrations and distillations

Recent Publications

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All Medline abstracts: PubMed HubMed

Honors and Distinctions

Dean’s Climate and Diversity AwardPenn State University2010
Susan R. Rankin Pride Week AwardPenn State University2007
Commission on LGBT Equity's Outstanding Service AwardPenn State University2006
Lambda Alumni Outstanding Student AwardPenn State University2006
Life Science Consortium FellowshipPenn State University2001
Dean’s listSkidmore College2001
Periclean Honors SocietySkidmore College2001
Princeton AP Honor AwardLewis Mills High School1997
National Honors SocietyLewis Mills High School1997
Eagle ScoutNational Eagle Scout Association1995

University Service and Leadership Experience

National President2009-present
Out in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (oSTEM)
Eberly College of Science, Climate and Diversity Committee
Pennsylvania State University
Chair-Elect/ Co-Chair/ Past-Chair2006-2009
Presidential Commission on LGBT Equity, Office for Educational Equity
Pennsylvania State University
Framework to Foster Diversity Review Team
Pennsylvania State University
Founder and Chapter President2006-2007
Out in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (oSTEM)
Pennsylvania State University
Planner and Participant2005
Campus Climate Summit
Pennsylvania State University
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