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===Diana Santelia:===
===Diana Santelia:===
Liquid N<sub>2</sub>-tanks (both!), FluorChem SP imagin system
FluorChem SP imaging system
===Martha Stadler:===
===Martha Stadler:===
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===Sebastian Streb:===
===Sebastian Streb:===
Freeze-dryer, speedvac, Dionex HPLC
Liquid N<sub>2</sub>-tanks (both!), freeze-dryer, speedvac, Dionex HPLC
===Martin Umhang:===
===Martin Umhang:===
Room D53.2<br>
Room D53.2<br>
FPLC, Aekta, Fraction collectors, digital camera, microscopes, photomicroscope
FPLC, Aekta, fraction collectors, digital camera, microscopes, photomicroscope
===Sam Zeeman:===
===Sam Zeeman:===

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Lukas Bürkle:

Developing machine, bacterial and yeast incubators

Florian Freimoser:

Room D46.1
Transilluminator, ice machine, centrifuges, tissue papers

Teresa Fitzpatrick:

Rooms: D38, D42.2
Fluorimeter/Spectrophotometer (LFW D38), phast gel system, freezers (Developing machine)

Simona Eicke:

Millipore-filtering unit, nano-drop, climate chambers

Hans Caspar Hürlimann:

Ultra-centrifuge, centrifuges, shopping for general lab supplies (Migros)

Oliver Kötting:

Room D54.1 (coffee room)
Coffee, tea, milk, gel drying machine, removal of aluminium and glass waste (with Heike)

Hsiang-Chun Lin:

Watering on A-floor & C-floor

Nadine Müller:

Room D45 (autoclave room)

Maja Raschke:

PhosphorImager, Climate chambers, real-time PCR

Heike Reinhold:

Room D52 (Plant "sterile" room)
removal and recycling of aluminium and glass waste

Barbara Ritter:


Philippe Roy:

Rooms: D36.2, D49.1, D51
Gaschromatographs, Disposal of chemicals, HPLC, Equipment for practical courses, Radioscanner/radiomonitors, Maintenance of rotors pumps, Radiation safety/responsible for poisons, Scintillation counter

Diana Santelia:

FluorChem SP imaging system

Martha Stadler:

Rooms: D42.1, 48.2, 53
Plastic consumables, Sonicator/ultrasound baths

Michaela Stettler:

D36 ordering, styrofoam waste (except for boxes!!!)

Sebastian Streb:

Liquid N2-tanks (both!), freeze-dryer, speedvac, Dionex HPLC

Martin Umhang:

Room D53.2
FPLC, Aekta, fraction collectors, digital camera, microscopes, photomicroscope

Sam Zeeman:

Rooms: D36.1, D43, D48.1
Biosafety, Spectrophotometer, microtiter plate reader (D36)

(last updated November 2007)

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