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Our group on September 12th, 2006

Current group members:

Martha Stadler

Scientific staff

mstadler "at"

Martha has been working in the group of Prof. Amrhein for many years. She is our "cloning specialist" and very helpful in many of our projects and our daily lab-life.

Thomas Werner

PhD student

thwerner "at"

Thomas started his PhD with us in October 2003 to investigate the role of poly P in arbuscular mycorrhiza. For this purpose he is developing methods to specifically stain poly P and to detect polyphosphate binding proteins.

Hans Caspar Hürlimann

PhD student


Hans Caspar joined our lab in May 2006 to do his PhD with us. He will study pathways involved in poly P accumulation in yeast.

Florian Freimoser

Group leader


In November 2002 I switched to a topic completely new to me and started as a group leader with Prof. Amrhein to study poly P. For our studies we work mostly with filamentous fungi and yeast, but we have also small projects with plants and algae.

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