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*Growth of E. coli
*Growth of E. coli
*Growth of B. subtilis
*Growth of B. subtilis
*[[Cfrench:BacTrans1]]Transforming ''Bacillus subtilis''
*[[Cfrench:BacTrans1|Transforming ''Bacillus subtilis'']]
*[[Cfrench:minipreps1|Plasmid DNA minipreps]]
*[[Cfrench:minipreps1|Plasmid DNA minipreps]]
*Restriction digests
*Restriction digests

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Lab banner

Version: 22 May 2007


  • Magnetic bacteria: Jen Bell
  • Magnetic bacteria: Dzianis Trubitsyn
  • Conventional whole cell biosensors: Chris French
  • 'Bacillosensors': Chris French and Lucy Montgomery
  • Synthetic biology-based biosensors: Chris French, Xiaonan Wang, Nimisha Joshi
  • Phytoremediation: Chris French
  • Thiocyanate degradation: Chris French
  • Flavin-dependent monooxygenases: Peter Wilson
  • Bacteriohemerythrins: C. French
  • Biofilms: Gary Dorken

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