G.tigrina Hox gene DthoxC insertion into prokaryote E.coli / (by UNIamCloning)/2011/10/05

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DNA isolation/purification of G.tigrina

  • Today we continued the process of extracting planarian DNA from our 0.025g sample that we collected yesterday (10/04/2011) and placed in the incubator. We manipulated the pH of the sample several times using a succession of buffers suggested by Qiagen DNeasy Blood & Tissue Kit, each time allowing "junk" to be flushed through a column membrane while the DNA stuck to the filter. This was done by centrifugation in a 1.5mL column. During the final spin, the DNA's pH was manipulated once more, this time allowing it to pass through the filter and collect in a labeled 1.5mL tube, extraction [GT.4]

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