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'''Current tasks:'''
*'''[[Harvard:Biophysics_101/2007/04/19|April 19]]: Post your plan for April 24 & 26.
*'''[[Harvard:Biophysics_101/2007/04/12|April 12]]: Post your personal plan asap.
*'''[[Harvard:Biophysics_101/2007/04/12|April 12]]: Post your plan for April 17 & 19.
*'''[[Harvard:Biophysics_101/2007/04/10|April 10]]: Sumary of class priorities - sign up for new problems.
*'''[[Harvard:Biophysics_101/2007/04/10|April 10]]: Sumary of class priorities - sign up for new problems.
*'''[[Harvard:Biophysics_101/2007/03/15|March 15]]: Write a python script to automate the previous exercise.  Due Mar 20.
**[[Harvard:Biophysics_101/2007/Notebook:Xiaodi_Wu/2007-3-20|Discussion Board currently being used...]]
**[[Harvard:Biophysics_101/2007/Project|Project page]] and [[Talk:Harvard:Biophysics_101/2007/Project|project discussion page]] are also useful now that we've formalized a plan.
*'''[[Harvard:Biophysics_101/2007/03/13|March 13]]: Post your query sequence in fasta format for task 2, but keep your solution private for now.

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Biophysics 101: Genomics, Computing, and Economics

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  • April 19: Post your plan for April 24 & 26.
  • April 12: Post your plan for April 17 & 19.
  • April 10: Sumary of class priorities - sign up for new problems.


Course overview

Focuses on modern technologies with exponential growth and their impact on global quality of life through weekly updated Wiki class project (in-depth case studies on personal genomics and/or biofuels). Integrating knowledge, tools for research, and commercial decision-making concerning new aspects of bioengineering, personalized medicine, genetically modified organisms, and stem cells. Interplays of biophysical, ecological, economic, and social/ethical modeling will be explored through multi-disciplinary teams of students, and individual brief reports.

Potential course projects

Earth 2.0

  • Analytic: Bioweather map. Collection and use of real-time assays to track virus outbreaks, etc.
  • Synthetic: Bioenergy. Integrated metabolic, genetic, economic, process, environmental modeling.

H. sapiens 2.0


  • Meeting time: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:00—11:30 am
  • First class Thu 1-Feb-2007.
  • Location: Barker Center, Room 316
  • No exams
  • No prerequisites
  • Grading
    • 25% Participation
    • 25% Personal wiki page (weekly assignments)
    • 50% Contribution to group project

Background Info and previous class projects

Recent changes

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