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**News (sort good from bad)
**News (sort good from bad)
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What we need:  
What we need:  

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What we have now:

  • Sequence
  • RS#
  • OMIM
  • Parsed OMIM output
    • Pubmed - reviews and related articles
    • News (sort good from bad)
    • Wikipedia
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What we need:

  • Prioritize RS# - How to quantify the criteria below?
    • Disease relevance
      • Number of PMID's
      • Number of drugs for particular disease
      • Disease lists from WHO - cross ref with pubmed
    • Frequency of deleterious allele
    • Clustering alleles for relevance to particular diseases
    • Treatment
    • Known alleles
    • Penetrance
  • Web interface
    • Not just script also paste in sequence
    • Maybe useful source for getting sequence data
  • Non OMIM based analysis of sequences
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