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| [[Harvard:Biophysics_242r/2011/10|Wednesday, February 23 (Session 10)]]||Vatsan Raman||Computational Protein Design||
| [[Harvard:Biophysics_242r/2011/10|Wednesday, February 23 (Session 10)]]||Vatsan Raman||Computational Protein Design||
| [[Harvard:Biophysics_242r/2011/10|Monday, February 28 (Session 11)]]||Vatsan Raman||FoldIt and Rosetta Protein Design||
| [[Harvard:Biophysics_242r/2011/10|Monday, February 28 (Session 11)]]||Vatsan Raman||Software demo: FoldIt and Rosetta Protein Design||
| [[Harvard:Biophysics_242r/2011/12|Wednesday, March 2 (Session 12)]]||students||Midterm Presentations I||
| [[Harvard:Biophysics_242r/2011/12|Wednesday, March 2 (Session 12)]]||students||Midterm Presentations I||

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Biophysics 242r/2011

Biologically Inspired Molecular Engineering


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Course meetings are on Mondays and Wednesdays in CLSB521 from 100 pm to 230 pm, with immediately following optional project sessions from 230 pm to 330 pm; these optional sessions will commence on Wednesday, February 2.

Date Presenter(s) 3Topic
Monday, January 24 (Session 1)William ShihCourse Overview, midterm projects, biomolecular nano primitives
Wednesday, January 26 (Session 2)John SadowskiSoftware demo: nanoEngineer biomolecular visualization
Monday, January 31 (Session 3)William ShihOrigami and large structures
Wednesday, February 2 (Session 4)William ShihSoftware demo: caDNAno
Monday, February 7 (Session 5)
Dave ZhangDNA base-pairing biophysics and informational circuits
Wednesday, February 9 (Session 6)Adam MarblestoneSoftware demo: NuPack sequence design (manual versus automated sequence selection)
Monday, February 14 (Session 7)Peng YinDynamic DNA nanomachines
Wednesday, February 16 (Session 8)Tom SchausSoftware demo: Nucleic-acid kinetic simulation
Monday, February 21 (Session 9)Peng YinCurrent applications in DNA nanotechnology
Wednesday, February 23 (Session 10)Vatsan RamanComputational Protein Design
Monday, February 28 (Session 11)Vatsan RamanSoftware demo: FoldIt and Rosetta Protein Design
Wednesday, March 2 (Session 12)studentsMidterm Presentations I
Monday, March 7Biophysical Society Meeting (no class meeting)
Wednesday, March 9 (Session 13)studentsMidterm Presentations II
March 15Spring Break (no class meeting)
March 17Spring Break (no class meeting)
Monday, March 21 (Session 14)Adam MarblestoneMethods for nanoscale-device characterization
Wednesday, March 23 (Session 15)George ChurchHybrid electronic-biochemical systems
Monday, March 28 (Session 16)Joanna AizenbergBioinspired actuation systems
Wednesday, March 30 (Session 17)Milan StojanovicCreepy Spiders
Monday, April 4 (Session 18)Feng ZhangEngineering DNA-binding proteins: zinc fingers versus Tal
Wednesday, April 6 (Session 19)Shawn Douglasnext generation caDNAno software demo
Monday, April 11 (Session 20)Tom SchausDeterministic and stochastic kinetic simulation software demo (core staff away at FNANO)
Wednesday, April 13 (Session 21)Neel JoshiPeptide and protein self-assembly with a focus on rational design of new assembly modes (core staff away at FNANO)
Monday, April 18 (Session 22)L. MahadevanMultistable macromolecular assemblies
Wednesday, April 20 (Session 23)George ChurchMinimal in vitro replicating systems
Monday, April 25 (Session 24)William ShihDirected molecular evolution
Wednesday, April 27 (Session 25)Peng YinFuture of biomolecular nanotechnology
Monday, May 2 (Session 26)studentsFinal Presentations I
Wednesday, May 4 (Session 27)studentsFinal Presentations II
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