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Google Calendar - Haynes Lab Meetings & Events

  • General Lab Meetings: the second and fourth Monday of every month at 9:00 am - 10:00 am, as of August 2012
  • Personal Meetings: members are expected to meet with Dr. Haynes once every two weeks, as of August 2012
  • Birthdays: Add yours so we can celebrate!

Lab Duties (Fall 2012)

Do these tasks yourself or recruit others to help you. Your helpers must have all lab safety training completed.

  • Hazardous Waste - Amanda Ispas: autoclaving biohazard waste, labeling all waste for pick-up, requesting pick-up from EH&S
  • Media Prep - Carly Hom: LB Amp agar plates, LB plain agar plates, LB plain liquid, Tissue culture FBS and pen/strep, 50x TAE, TAE and 70% etOH carboys
  • Shipping & Receiving - James Alling: pick up orders from ECG 334A, enter items received in the ordering spreadsheet, check consumables (micropipette tips, serological pipettes, kim wipes, tube racks)
  • Safety Officer - Rene Davis: SOP manual, first aid kit, sharps containers, lab-supplied PPE (coats, disposable gloves, autoclave gloves)
  • Glassware - Brady Laughlin: wash and autoclave glassware, glass beads, re-stock shelves
  • Shared Chemicals - Behzad: chemical bay tidiness, chemical inventory updates, MSDS collection, fume hood, 37°C shaker-incubator

Safety Training

ALL new lab members must take the following courses:
1. Laboratory Safety: in class
2. Fire Safety: in class
3. Compressed Gas Overview: in class
4. Initial Biosafety and Bloodborne Pathogens Training: online
5. Hazardous Waste Management: online
6. NIH Guidelines – rDNA Training: online

In class training: Register at the EHS Training Website. Click "Search Course Catalog/Register for Training." Click "Training Registration" on the EH&S Assistant page and follow the instructions. When you attend class, do not forget to sign the instructor's attendance sheet, or your training will not be kept on record.
Registration errors: if you are blocked from registration, contact LMS Support at 480-727-7300 or gtb at asu dot edu.

Online training: These courses typically include some reading material (a powerpoint online) and a quiz. To access the classes online, go to MyASU. In the My Classes section, click Blackboard. Click the Courses tab. Enter each class in the search box to find it.

Refresher courses: all lab members are required to take annual refresher courses. Reminders will be sent by EHS.

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