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Ran the colony PCRs Ernesto ran yesterday on a gel:

colony PCR

LabelPart # Part length Expected band length
plate 2 K082035 884bp1134bp
plate 4K084007 835bp1085bp
plate 5 K081016 735bp985bp
plate 7 K145254 862bp1112bp


LabelPart # colony part length expected band length
3-kR0071 picked by KAH 53bp 300bp
5-kK081016 picked by KAH 735bp1035bp
2-2 K082035 colony 2 884bp1134bp
4-2 K084007 colony 2 835bp1085bp
7-1 K145254 colony 1 862bp1112bp
7-3 K145254 colony 3 862bp1112bp


Part260280260/280 ng/ul

Gel extractions:

Part260280260/280 ng/ul
RBS+LuxI X/P0.0040.0013.5454.104
RBS+LasI X/P0.0020.0012.1251.809
R0071 S/P0.0060.0032.0696.317
K081023 X/P0.0250.0141.85925.325

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