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Ryan set up PCR. Annealing temp 53, extension time 3:30min. Diluted each template down 1:1000.

Number Template F Primer R Primer Annealing T Expected length
1pTet-mCh 2/14/14 74ngP127P097533148
2LuxI sender const 8/31/13 179ngP063P06423654
3K084007 3/10/13 4-2-1P069P07032645
4K084007 3/10/13 4-2-2P069P07032645
5RBS-LasI 3/8/13 31ngP069P07032645
6RhlI sender const 9/27/13 72 ngP075P07639642

Ryan ran gel of colony PCRs from last week.

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