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* Run gel for 30 min at 100 V. Check gel under UV light.
* Run gel for 30 min at 100 V. Check gel under UV light.

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E/P Digest for FURI 2013-2014 application

  • Retrieve BL01, BL05, BL09, BL011 assembly from freezer and thaw at room temperature.
  • Also let restriction enzymes thaw.
  • Do restriction digest (EcoRI/PstI)Diagnostic digest
15 µl Total Master Mix
1 rxnx 4
DNA plasmid3--
enzyme 114
enzyme 214
10x buffer1.56
  • Aliquot 12 μL to each tube. Then add 3 μL DNA to each tube.
  • Place each tube in heat block 37°C.

Follow steps for gel electrophoresis.

  • Orient top notch of gel electrophoresis apparatus. Place gel tray into larger tray.
  • Fill gel flask with up to 60 ml of TA buffer.
  • Create 1% gel by putting .6 grams of agarose into flask.
  • Microwave agarose solution for 40 seconds
  • Using hot gloves, grab flask out of microwave and swirl flask vigorously. Place back in microwave for 40 more seconds.
  • When flask is taken out of microwave, make sure that the agarose is completed dissolved.
  • Set up wells on gel electrophoresis apparatus. The mold for the first digest is B-10. Use the thick "teeth" and slip in the notches.
  • Add EtBr (ethidium bromide) to the agarose gel. There should be 1 microliter of EtBr per 10ml of agarose gel. Therefore, 6 µL.
  • Pour gel into tray.
  • Wash the agarose gel flask.
  • Run gel for 30 min at 100 V. Check gel under UV light.

  • Label Tubes

1. BL01 2. BL05 3. BL09

  • 2 mL LB Broth + amp added to test tubes
  • Use pipette tips and dip in bacteria colony.

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