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=Incremental display=
=Incremental display=
<ul class="incremental">  
<ul class="incremental">  
  <li>First bullet point</li>  
<li> Can PowerPoint include math as easily as TeX? <math>\int_0^\infty \frac{x}{e^x} dx</math>
  <li>Second bullet point</li>  
<li>How about chemical diagrams? <chem>
  <li>Third bullet point</li>  
<li>Or include references?
<biblio>#Goldbeter-PNAS-1981 pmid=6947258
#Jacob-JMB-1961 pmid=13718526
#Ptashne-Genetic-Switch isbn=0879697164

Current revision


  • Works across browsers
    • Hit F11 (for most browsers) to go full screen
  • Hit the space bar, page down, or click the mouse for the next slide
  • Some key shortcuts
    1. The 'c' key gives a table of contents
    2. The 's' key makes the font smaller
    3. The 'b' key makes the font larger

The wiki as presentation tool

  • Any page on the wiki can become a presentation and you can use any wiki markup
  • The entire presentation is included on one page (but you can include other pages like you normally do on the wiki)
  • Include {{Slides}} at the top to indicate that it will be used as a presentation
  • Define the look via css (an example file is at OpenWetWare:Presentations/default.css) which can be included from the presentation
  • The page should contain a list of slides like this
<div class="slide">
Slide content
  • The page will look normally on the wiki except that a link will be added to start the presentation

Incremental display

  • Can PowerPoint include math as easily as TeX? \int_0^\infty \frac{x}{e^x} dx
  • How about chemical diagrams? chem
  • Or include references?
    Error fetching PMID 6947258:
    Error fetching PMID 13718526:
    1. Error fetching PMID 6947258: [Goldbeter-PNAS-1981]
    2. Error fetching PMID 13718526: [Jacob-JMB-1961]
    3. isbn:0879697164. [Ptashne-Genetic-Switch]
    All Medline abstracts: PubMed HubMed

Expandable outlines

  1. Topic 1
    1. subtopic a
    2. subtopic b
  2. Topic 2
    1. subtopic c
    2. subtopic d

More information

  • See the Slidy page for more information and additional features
    • Note that unlike PowerPoint, Acrobat, or other presentation tools, as improvements to the slidy code are made, you will automatically receive them as the latest code is downloaded each time you load the presentation.

End presentation

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